Thursday, April 29, 2010

Library Story Time with A&E

This morning Alex and Eli woke up bright and early and had ham and eggs for breakfast, afterward they played for about an hour and watched the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse before getting dressed for Story Time at the Library.


We arrived a few minutes early so the boys and I checked out the children’s area before going to the front room where story time is held.

The boys sat quietly with their hands in their laps, not fidgeting at all while Ms. Sarah read books about today’s theme… “Bikes”.

DSCF4739-007 DSCF4729-001 DSCF4731-002 DSCF4732-003 After the stories were over the boys colored their bike color pages and got pretty shiny clown stickers.

DSCF4751-014 DSCF4743-008 DSCF4749-013

The boys are very quiet in the Library and today they were especially good during the movie. The movie had big dump trucks and cranes in it along with the story of a run away tricycle. They were very attentive and loved the movie.

DSCF4746-011 DSCF4744-009 DSCF4745-010

Here they are leaving the library and one in front of the library after story time.

DSCF4753-015 DSCF4755-016 I love spending time with my sweet boys! Alex and Elijah, Library Story Time on April 29, 2010.

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