Monday, May 10, 2010

Riley’s Birthday Party – Zoo Zoom!

Our girl Kali and Riley were born on the same day… six years ago on May 9th.

Kali, Alex and Eli went to Riley’s birthday party extravaganza this past Saturday and boy did they have a great time! Here are a few highlights from the day!

Alex and Eli LOVED the animals! They pet them and hugged them, we even saw Eli give the tortoise a little peck on its shell! DSC06996-014 DSC06997-015  DSC06996-014 Alex loved all the animals too!

DSC07099-114 DSC07101-116  DSC06987-006 DSC07004-022 DSC07011-029 DSC07019-037 DSC07029-046 DSC07035-052 DSC07041-058  DSC07045-062 DSC07052-068 DSC07053-069 DSC07056-072 DSC07059-075 DSC07061-077 Kali and Eli playing with the tortoise and the bunny!  DSC07075-091 DSC07081-097 DSC07085-101  A sweet smile from Elijah James, he was having a great time!DSC07097-112 Riley showed no fear in holding the snake, looks like the snake liked him too! Way to go Riley!  DSC07120-133 DSC07125-138 DSC07127-140 DSC07129-142 DSC07130-143

Kali thought the snake tickled and giggled and giggled! Then the birthday girl had a turn holding it.

 DSC07136-149DSC07135-148 Kali got a kick out of watching Riley with the snake too!

Happy, Happy birthday Riley! You are just too cute with that little buddy of yours!

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