Saturday, April 3, 2010

Avery Island Easter Egg Hunt

Kali, Alex and Eli went to Avery Island this past week for an Easter Egg Hunt with their friends. They had a great time and Kris took a bunch of nice photos. We’ve got one of the boys with the bunny, but we won’t have a copy of it until later this week, I’ll share it when I get it! I hope everyone is having a fabulous Easter weekend! The first photo is one of the boys chasing Claire.

DSCN1074-028 DSCN1047-001 DSCN1048-002 DSCN1049-003 DSCN1050-004 DSCN1051-005 DSCN1053-007 DSCN1054-008 DSCN1055-009 DSCN1056-010 DSCN1057-011 DSCN1058-012 DSCN1062-016 DSCN1063-017 DSCN1065-019 DSCN1066-020 DSCN1067-021 DSCN1068-022 DSCN1069-023 DSCN1071-025 DSCN1073-027

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schererart said...

Just wanted to say that your family is positively beautiful!