Sunday, April 25, 2010

Kali’s Big Night!

Tonight was our little dancer’s big night, she took the stage with her cousins and friends at Paige’s Dance School’s recital. Kali did a fabulous job and smiled her little heart out! We’re so proud of you our sweet girl! You danced beautifully! Here are a few photo highlights of her evening!

DSC06926-119 DSC06802-001 DSC06812-010 DSC06840-037 DSC06846-043 DSC06862-059 DSC06883-079 DSC06889-084 DSC06898-091

Way to go little dancer!! Great job!!

1 comment:

jmac said... are precious!! and those sure are some pretty roses you got for your performance!! Your costumes are to die for!!!!

and hey Lolli!! how 'bout some scoop on a lil vintage store?? (wink, wink!!)