Friday, April 9, 2010

Our Brides

A few weeks ago Krista and I met up with Lauren and her mom at the Bridal Expo in the Cajun Dome Convention Center, the girls had a fun time and we got lots of info for local bridal merchants. Yesterday we spent the day with them again …. this time in New Orleans. We went bridal dress shopping at Pearl’s and both Krista and Lauren found their bridal gowns. Each unique and special, the girls are so lucky to have one another and to share this special time in their lives with one another. Their friend Brie came with us, as well as Alexa and Kali. Kali’s going to be in both weddings and had fun playing dress up too! I can’t show photos from of the girls in their gowns… naturally, but I have a sweet photo of Kali playing dress up to share! We owe special thanks to Ms. Sue at Pearl’s for a job well done, we have a happy daughter who LOVES her dress and will look radiant in it on her wedding day! The day was complete with tears and a little bouncing …. seeing the two of them so happy was a joy and a blessing.

bridal expo web

Kali Dressup

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Sara Joy said...

It IS such a magical time! I totally teared up when I found "the one"! When is the big day?