Friday, April 9, 2010

Good Friday, Holy Saturday & Easter Sunday

We had a lot of family time with the little kiddies this past weekend. They’re the coolest people around and too much fun to be with!

Good Friday we took them to the local burger place for lunch and a little fun time with one another.

 DSC06529-001DSC06544-016 DSC06530-002 DSC06533-005 DSC06535-007 DSC06536-008 DSC06541-013

After lunch Krista took Kali with her to the nail salon and she had her nails and toes painted.

DSC06560-032 DSC06561-033 DSC06562-034 DSC06564-036 DSC06565-037

Saturday Pop and I gave the little boys an early Easter treat, we figured their Sunday would be so busy visiting family that they wouldn’t get to ride a whole bunch, they now have a new past time and favorite phrase. “I Drive!!”

DSC06612 DSC06590 DSC06593 DSC06596 DSC06598 DSC06611 We also got them a cool little batting machine. They really do love it and its so cool that they share so very well with one another because right now it takes a lot of self control for each of them to ‘share’ the driving experience.

These next photos are of the big and little kids on Easter Sunday. First is our four lovely children, Krista, Erica, Alexa and Davey. Then Alex, Kali and Eli. Followed by Alex, Davey, Claire and Elijah. These photos were taken at our house on Easter morning before going to Coteau for lunch and visiting with my parents, siblings and their children.

DSCF4264-054 DSCF4256-046 DSCF4263-053

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