Saturday, April 17, 2010

First Flight in Pop’s Plane

Alex and Eli had a big adventure yesterday. Pop and I took them, along with Davey, Claire and Granny (Pop’s Mom) to see the plane at the Abbeville airport. After a little inspection, which the boys decided they were going to fly the plane… Pop offered them and their Mama, Claire, a ride. On their adventure, hey flew over the new house and Granny’s house, then rode back to the airport where it was Granny and Davey’s turn. They again flew to the new house and saw Davey & Claire’s property, then they went out and checked out Cypremore Point and Avery Island before coming back to the airport where Claire, Alex, Eli and I were waiting. The boys were real troupers, they enjoyed the flight and didn’t have any issues with their ears or upset tummies. For that we’re very grateful. Here are a few photos from our adventure.




DSC06677-012 DSC06675-010




I’m sure these three will have many more adventures to share in that plane!

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