Friday, February 18, 2011

Valentine Snack Buffet

The snacks we prepared for our little guests at the little tea party for Kali and her friends were all very child friendly, things that Kali loves to eat at wedding receptions and at our family gatherings. We had pretty roses on the buffet and used dishes that were smaller for displaying and serving five little girls. We had donuts, fresh berries, a vegetable tray with yummy ranch dip, chocolate cupcakes with vanilla icing, heart shaped pink and white marshmallows, strawberries and cream gummies, a tray of assorted chocolates and sugar wafer cookies and pink and white meringues. We served the children’s buffet at the table height counter to make it easy for the girls to serve themselves.DSC_1792-002

The week before the party I dressed Kali in her little Easter dress which came in on Monday, took photos of her with her American Girl baby doll Mia and an antique bassinet I found while antiquing. I created cupcake picks for the party using some of the photos of Kali. They came out really cute and some of her guests even took them home as a souvenir of the party.DSC_1791-001


In our little pill box containers the girls were delighted to find candy necklace, bracelet and rings.


We also had turtles, raspberry filled chocolates and kiss shaped ring pops in our little snack boxes at each place setting.


Here are a few photos of our Kali enjoying her party snacks.

Kali Table Kali Eating Next week I will share about our party activities, baby doll gift we shared with the party guests, party favors and a recap of the whole party. I will also share some more information about the printable ideas you can use for personalizing your parties.


Rach said...

Very cute. Looks like she enjoyed!

Raquel English said...

Katy, I've been crazy about your blog for quite a while. For the life of me, I can't figure out how you wear so many hats. I must be doing something wrong. Fill me in, girlie. I smock and it's very time consuming, plus all the other stuff you tackle. How do you do it? Do you have a team behind the scenes? hehehe:)