Monday, February 7, 2011

The Twins take a Trip to the Cattle Auction

Last week I had the privilege of spending Wednesday with Alex and Eli and we headed over to the ‘sale barn’ in Carencro. They were fascinated with the whole auction process, even though I don’t think they quite understood what was going on. They wanted to pet every animal that came through the sale and fell in love with an adorable pony. He sold for only $300 and I have a feeling if their Daddy would have been in the auction room they would now have a pretty little horse.

DSC09426-004 They were very attentive and quiet during the bidding.

DSC09434-010 DSC09432-008 DSC09433-009

They couldn’t understand why they couldn’t get some animals to bring home too!


This is the pretty little pony they wanted to take home. He had four white stockings and a pretty white streak around his hind end.

DSC09437-013 He sure was a healthy and cute pony! After the morning sales were finished we went outside and the boys got to visit with my Daddy and brother Stephen who were there too. The boys loved playing with Stephen’s Heeler on the back of the truck while Uncle Stephen sold sacks of rice.

DSC09443-018  DSC09442-017 DSC09448-023


I’m editing some photos from our afternoon adventure and I’ll share them soon! I really think we’ll be going back to the sale barn again real soon, the twins loved it!

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