Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pleasure of their company…

This weekend we have the little guys over for the weekend, their parents are celebrating their 5th anniversary in Chicago with a long weekend get away. After their naps this evening they went out to meet Pop at the pond for a little fishing time. They caught lots of fish and I captured some sweet photos and great photo memories for us all. (Alex is in the jeans and Eli is in the overalls.)

DSC_2136-001 DSC_2144-002 DSC_2147-003 DSC_2150-004 DSC_2153-005 DSC_2154-006 DSC_2155-007 DSC_2163-008 DSC_2172-009 DSC_2173-010 DSC_2182-011 DSC_2186-012 DSC_2190-013 DSC_2200-014 DSC_2202-015 DSC_2203-016 DSC_2204-017 DSC_2205-018 DSC_2207-019 DSC_2208-020 DSC_2209-021 DSC_2210-022 DSC_2233-023 DSC_2235-024 DSC_2238-025 DSC_2239-026 DSC_2260-027 DSC_2265-028 DSC_2266-029 DSC_2272-030 DSC_2279-031 They ended their trip to the pond by feeding the fish and when we asked where they wanted to go for supper they both said “Duffy’s” at the same time, I really think they discussed it together before we asked! Duffy’s it is!


jmac said...

Wha????????? Is Lolli not cooking up that bounty of fish in her kitchen??? hahahahahahahaha....omg...what precious pictures of the most adorable boys. and what a day of wonderful memories for them and for YOU!!

Anonymous said...

haha, i LOVE LOVE LOVE these pictures.. especially the last two, it definitely shows their personalities:)

nanny sure does love her boys!