Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Children’s Museum with Alex & Eli

After our trip to the sale barn and lunch at Chili’s with Davey, the twins and I went to the Children’s Museum in Lafayette. They had been before, but it was for a birthday. This time they were able to play for a good long time in each of the areas that interested them! Their favorite areas were the pet hospital and the grocery store.

Their first stop was the medical area, while Alex was checking out the puppies, Eli was taking care of a newborn baby boy in the hospital.

DSC09469-005 DSC09484-014  DSC09464-002 DSC09470-006 DSC09471-007 DSC09472-008 DSC09476-009 DSC09477-010 DSC09478-011 DSC09479-012 DSC09480-013 Then it was off to play with the bubbles for a bit.


They loved the colorful fish in the fish tank.


While Alex shopped for his supper where he said he was going to be the chef, Eli was checking out his first basket full of groceries.

DSC09490-020 DSC09485-015 DSC09486-016 DSC09487-017 DSC09488-018 DSC09489-019 Our next adventure is the Jump Zone, hopefully next Wednesday!! Yay! I look forward to another adventure filled day with my favorite little guys!

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