Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Marinaded Veggies

I'm starting off with the marinaded vegetables recipe for the Chicken Salad Luncheon menu just cuz Janey said I could share it! Its scrumptious! She made this for me and our girlfriend Tam when we went to her house for a little girly vacation. The recipe is easy and you can add/subtract to it as your taste dictates. This is what she sent in her email. I added different things to mine, some almond stuffed olives, pickled okra ( I am a Southern girl after all!), capers and a little sliced jalapeno peppers. Not photographed - black olives, cubed cheese and cilantro, but I did put it in my mix.

"just mixed black olives, green olives, some sweet pickled peppers, some giardini mix and cheese cubes. In jar, put about 1/4 bottle of that house italian dressing, olive oil, good bit, maybe 1/8 cup red balsamic vinegar, a bit of dried parsley, minced garlic and LOADS of chopped cilantro. Shake and pour into bag with other stuff. Let sit in fridge for a good while..... a day is best or overnight." --Janey


Janie's World said...

This looks like something my husband would love!

Deborah said...

Jessica, Andrew and I would sooo love this. I'll have to try it soon.