Friday, April 24, 2009

Where Pigs Fly Flea Market

The other day I had a trip to Lafayette planned to go to my favorite places to flea market and shop. I went by Melanie LeFleur's, didn't find anything that struck my fancy, but when I arrived at Where Pigs Fly Flea Market I hit paydirt. A few of the items I had eyed while there on a previous trips were still there waiting for me, I don't know about you, but when I've been some place three times, admired something but hadn't bought it... and its still there, this just means that it was meant to be mine! Sitting on the shelves waiting for me were a pretty Fire King Jadite batter bowl with pouring spout and four dessert plates that match a platter and serving bowl that I used in my St. Patrick's Day tablescape. I had to have them! Along with four pretty plates with a delicate rose and greenery pattern. The stamp on the back is old and faded, but they were just lovely! I also got two pretty aqua canisters which were made in Belgium, those will go so nicely with my aqua dish and stem ware! I can't wait to use them! The decanter and shot glasses were just pretty, they aren't old, what they are ... is lovely! In great shape and I can so see myself using these for a yummy iced vodka shot! Dave thought they were cool too! Now if I could just find a pretty Jadite pitcher, I'd be in heaven! Happy shopping!


ceekay said...

Those are definately some beautiful items you posted. Love the great shots also!! Thanks fro visiting me!!

Patty said...

Gorgeous finds! I did a doubletake at the first photo. I just bought the same jadeite batter bowl at an antique store here in town. I have always loved the look of jadeite and decided I would treat myself and start my collection. Now I'm itching to go to the flea market!