Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Sunday 2009

I've created a little online album of images for your viewing enjoyment. Our family had breakfast and an egg hunt for Kali, Alex and Eli at our home before going over to Dave's mom's house for lunch. There are tons of images of the little ones! Easter was totally relaxing and fun for everyone! Click on the dyed egg image and it will open the album. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

okay did mess with the color of the picture or are yall eggs that bright ;-)


Katy said...

Kim... we didn't mess with the eggs in photoshop, if you add vinegar to the bowls with the dye it will make them dark and bright. ~Katy

Anonymous said...

I forgot to check out the pictures. That last pic of madison is amazing, Her eyes are so blue. I am glad you took pictures of Anna Claire, I have never seen her awake haha. Can you please send me the one of Chandra and Kayla. I would like to frame it for her for mothers day!!

P.S. thanks for the egg tip! ;-)