Sunday, April 26, 2009

Snap Spring!

I created the first four of these layouts with Shabby Miss Jenn's new kit called "Snap Spring". Its available in her shop Shabby Miss Jenn Designs.
Eli James enjoys learning how things go together. I took this photo of him on Easter Sunday in Granny's living room playing with little Easter Eggs. He was concentrating and trying to put these together. He's such a sweet little boy!
Alex Scott loves going outside. I shot this photo of him at Granny's house on Easter Sunday. He could see some of the big guys playing outside and wanted to join them. He's getting to be such a big boy!

Kali just had to spend some time holding Anna Claire on Easter Sunday. She loves her little cousin and is such a big girl helping with her.
Little Anna Claire is already two months old. I took some precious photos of her on Easter Sunday and made this layout for her album. She's such a good baby!
Our awesome little guys Alex and Elijah came over to sleep on Saturday night. We had a fun time with them and while they were here they spent a good bit of time trying to ride their trikes. They mastered getting onto them by themselves and they are figuring out how to get them to go by pushing the pedals! It won't be long before they're speeding along outside I'm sure!


Scribbler said...

You have such a beautiful family -- you are truly blessed.


Anonymous said...

thats a cute kit.

the boys are so cute. I want twins!!! but only if they can pop out one years old haha