Monday, September 20, 2010

Today’s Luncheon

I had a sweet friend over… we’ve been friends since I moved to Coteau in the 5th grade. It was so great seeing her again, we had a little lunch and visited. Remembering days gone by and laughing about how our lives took twists and turns to get us to where we are now… a place where we’re both happy with life and loving every minute of it! Suzanne, it was totally enjoyable spending time with you and I really look forward to spending more time catching up and enjoying your company!

DSCF6964-001 DSCF6965-002

Setting the table for two with my little green dishes turned out pretty sweet, I adore the accessories that my friend Janey gave me last year to go with this tablescape, they really do add the perfect touch! DSCF6966-003 DSCF6968-004

I used napkins to create a huge white rose with green leaves in the salad bowls, I love how these came out! DSCF6969-005 DSCF6971-006 Our little lunch for two included a lovely salad and chicken salad sandwiches on croissants with freshly squeezed lemonade, we were too full to eat the brownies after though!

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jmac said...

You have NO idea how giddy I get when I see you getting to use all your fun dishware in your beautiful new home!!!

GIDDY....I tell ya!!