Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pleasure filled chore…

Ironing cloth napkins has never felt like a chore for me, its a nice reminder of a meal shared with friends this time around. Its especially nice since I love my laundry room, its spacious and has a very nice view of the front lawn.


Two of my photographic society friends came over for a visit this week and it was a joy to catch up with them and share a meal. I made a little chicken salad which I served on croissants with fresh, sweet cantaloupe as a side dish. We had scrumptious cheesecake brownies for dessert. The meal was as heartwarming as the time shared with friends.


Our time together was sweet, I showed them the new house and we talked about what’s been going on with them too. Thanks Debbie and Claudia for the enjoyable lunchtime visit. We need to do it again soon!


I really love lavender scented linen spray and used it on my white cotton napkins after laundering them this morning.


Thanks Debbie for the adorable pineapple decoration, I can envision this on the patio with some new patio furniture in the near future! I appreciate your thoughtfulness! Its a sweet reminder of a lovely lunch with friends!


I hope everyone has a blessed Sunday!

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