Thursday, September 2, 2010

Spa di da: Waiting Room

Between spa services (which took place in the four bathrooms in the house) the girls waited in the '”Waiting Room” (living room) and met up with one another. They giggled, shared their craft project, art project and even showed off their ‘oh so soft’ skin with one another. They were just too cute!

DSCF6431-138 DSCF6408-118 DSCF6324-043 DSCF6325-044 DSCF6337-055 DSCF6339-057 DSCF6342-059 DSCF6345-062 DSCF6361-076 DSCF6362-077 DSCF6364-079 DSCF6376-090 DSCF6400-110

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