Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Krista’s Bridal Shower


We had a lovely bridal shower for Krista on Sunday afternoon at Rip Van Winkle Gardens on Jefferson Island. Our event was held at The Orangerie and it was the perfect location. Here are a few highlights in photos of Kris’ special day.

DSCF6783-060 DSCF6784-061  DSCF6791-068 DSCF6794-071 DSCF6795-072 DSCF6796-073 DSCF6798-075 DSCF6799-076 DSCF6805-082  DSCF6716-002 DSCF6717-003 DSCF6720-005 DSCF6721-006  DSCF6726-010 DSCF6727-011 DSCF6728-012 DSCF6735-018 DSCF6743-025 DSCF6749-027 DSCF6756-033 DSCF6758-035 DSCF6759-036 DSCF6761-038 DSCF6762-039 DSCF6772-049 DSCF6773-050 DSCF6779-056 DSCF6782-059

1 comment:

jmac said...

OMG......the wedding must be soon!!! how exciting!! show us a pic of all your stash, Krista!!
And love, love the veggie cups with dip in the bottom. Will definitely be stealing that idea!