Monday, September 27, 2010

A little rowdy… and a whole lot of cute!

After naptime the boys allowed me to snap some photos of them with Nanny Erica and a few on their own. They’re just too cute in their cowboy hats and boots. Enjoy!

Cowboy Alex-001 Cowboy Alex Scott smiling big for the camera, thats my cutie patootie cowboy!

Cowboy Eli-002Cowboy Elijah James grinnin’ for his Lolli, gotta love that precious smile and how it brings out the dimple!!

DSCF7066-011 Alex and Elijah with Nanny.

DSCF7071-014 Alex and Nanny Eri.

DSCF7079-021 Elijah and Nanny Eri.

DSCF7070-013 Riding off into the patio!


A little stink eye from Eli James, he was really all about going to play in his boots and hat and wasn’t so into the picture taking, thank goodness he changed his mind… and Nanny was able to convince him to participate! Have a dandy day… from Cowboy Alex and Eli!

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Deborah said...

Oh my goodness. Alex looks so much older in the first picture.