Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Little Musician

I uploaded a little video … a very short snippet of Kali practicing her guitar and singing. She started guitar lessons late this summer and is taking weekly now after school with Mrs. Kaye. She’s doing great and I can only imagine how much she’s going to  love this! Pop bought her the guitar for her birthday this year!

Kali singing and playing guitar!


And a few photo highlights.

DSC09325-022 DSC09295-003 DSC09317-014 DSC09320-017 DSC09322-019

Goodness… every time I bring my little point and shoot camera I end up disgusted with the photo quality! Please excuse the graininess and pure yuckiness of the photo quality here.

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Janie's World said...

She is so good! Love those little cowgirl boots too!