Thursday, July 9, 2009

Here Comes the Sun

Yesterday our friend the sun came back to meet us at the beach. It was a beautiful day out at the pool, Chandra, Dave's sister and her daughter Natalie, Nat's husband Brett and their two adorable kiddos also spending the week here at the beach spent the day with us. Riley and Kali had a super time playing on their shark pool floats and Anna Claire was the cutest thing in baby sunglasses! She was an angel at the pool, everyone had a fun day! More photos of our adventures from last night later!
Note to Kim: You so should have let Kayla come to the beach, the kids miss her and she would have had a wonderful time!!! Maybe next time!

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Anonymous said...

lol funny funny Katy. I know but she can't swim and it makes wes and i nervous. Next year we will let her!!

Cute pics looks like they had fun