Friday, June 20, 2014

Beach Treats for the Petites

Whenever we travel with family and friends I like to include a special little treat bag for the petites in the group. This year I’ve whipped up a snack bag with a treat for each day that we’re at the beach (minus travel days) and created a tag to personalize them for each child. What child doesn’t like seeing his or her name on a treat bag?


First I chose the snacks, a few salty, a few sweet and one that can even be considered a ‘game’ if you’re so inclined! Each bag included a Capri Sun in the flavor Lemonade, I’m going to encourage the Moms of our littles to put them into the freezer and instead of using the straw, cutting them open and letting them eat it like a slushy or snowball. There’s just enough sugar in them to keep them from freezing rock solid and a cold snack like that when you’re out on the beach is so refreshing. I also included plain Pringles, Mott’s gummies made with ‘real fruit’, delicious Oreos, a package of Popping Snack candies we all enjoyed as children and a bag of Scrabble Junior. Cheez-Its. I sure hope they try playing a little game of Scrabble, practice letter recognition or play a word game with them!


Next I created a little custom gift tag in Lumapix Fotofusion using Shabby Miss Jenn Designs “Pool Party” kit. Click on the preview below to get it in her digital scrapbooking store.


After printing them, I cut them out, punched a few holes in them and they were ready to be tied onto the treat bags. Although Dave and I aren’t “Lolli & Pop” to all of the children who will be on our beach vacation, we’re certainly known by our grandchildren’s generation of friends and second cousins as such and sign the tag with our “grandparent names”.


If you are interested in digital scrapbooking I highly suggest giving the very versatile Fotofusion program by Lumapix a try, there’s a trial program you can download and use before purchasing, which I highly suggest you do. It’s a user friendly program that I’ve used for about nine years now and could not do without. Click on the image below and check out their fabulous sight. If you check out the gallery you may even see a few faces in layouts that you recognize.


I use it to create my scrapbooking pages, gift tags, labels and many other printable projects. I use it to design my custom tags, labels, bottle wraps, signs, invitations and more for the birthday parties for our grandchildren. Combined with a printer, custom punches, scissors and ribbon you can create just about anything you could imagine!



After filling the cello bags with the treats, I chose and cut curly ribbon that matched the colors in the gift tag, tied them on, attached the beach shovel tag and curled the ribbons.


I sure hope the petites enjoy them as much as I had fun preparing them! Making memories with our children and grandchildren and extended family and friends is so important and I truly love how excited the little ones are when they receive these little gifts from the heart!


I hope everyone is having a safe and exciting summer!

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