Monday, June 9, 2014

Herb Harvest

Tonight when I went out to water my little raised bed garden I decided it was time to do a little pruning of the herb bushes, I have a kitchen which is just absolutely divine smelling, thanks to my friend Janey’s suggestion. I cut fresh herbs, rinsed them out in fresh cold water then stacked it all in my drain board to let the water drip off of them. I’m going to make a little bouquet just for the glorious scent but for the most part I’m going to make some pesto for starters and investigate how to freeze some of this goodness for use later in the kitchen.



jmac said...

YaY!!!! told ya you'd love the smells! wrap purty ribbons around them and use for wedding stuff too...speaking of happy for alexa!!!! can't wait to see her pics!
and because of your beautiful posts about your herbs, I went today to find more dill and found a delicious chocolate mint plant.
Haven't done that one before.
Hey...remember the night at jv2 when SisM ate my pesto break and almost died out in the street??
I thought of that when reading about your pesto and cracked UP!!!
Wasn't funny then but sure is now!

jmac said...

Oh....and freeze your pesto in the old timey ice trays. It will be just enough to add to soups, pastas or breads. Just pop then out of trays after frozen and put into ziplock bags. Work like a charm!