Thursday, June 19, 2014

Light Summer Supper in June

Our friends enrich our lives in countless ways, on many special occasions, but its especially sweet in our every day lives. I am blessed to have mentors who are phenomenal cooks, amazing photographers, and many sweet hearts who have generous souls and inspiring spirits. Tonight I cooked a meal inspired by a few of them and with the bounty that was so generously shared.

My friend Janey shared her recipe for marinated crab claws a while back after I’d had them at her house, I came home and raved about them over and over to my Honey Dave and asked her for the recipe, which she so generously gave me. So I made them tonight for our light summer supper along with a salad with delicious homegrown tomatoes my BFF Missie and her husband grew and shared with us and homegrown cucumbers my sister in law Connie grew and sent to us. I whipped up a batch of fresh strawberry lemonade to go with our light fare.


The strawberry lemonade is very easy to make and only takes a few ingredients. Fresh strawberries, sugar, fresh lemons, water and ice.



To make our delicious drink I combined about a cup of fresh strawberries and 1/2 cup of sugar in my Ninja blender. Pulsing them together until the berries were chopped into very small pieces.



Then I squeezed the juice of four lemons into my pitcher filled with ice, poured in the strawberry mixture, added water and stirred. It really is the most scrumptious strawberry lemonade I’ve ever had! I’m drinking a little glass of it as I type my blog, so happy that I had more than enough for a few glasses for Dave and myself.


The crab claws and tomato and cucumber salad were simply scrumptious. We were full with the salad and crab claws and the strawberry lemonade was delightful with them both. Next time I may add a little fresh spearmint from my garden to switch it up a bit.



Thanks to Janey for sharing your delicious recipe, Dave and I really enjoyed it and appreciate that you shared your cooking expertise and experience with us.DSC_5759-017

Thanks to Missie and Connie for sharing your summer harvest with us, we truly appreciate it! I love this type of summer meal, I can go to bed after a few hours without feeling stuffed or overly full. It was a healthy and satisfying meal that was easy to make and quick to put together while I cooked for our upcoming family vacation to the beach. More about that in tomorrows blog.


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jmac said...

WooooHooooo!!!! Now, I'm jonesing for some crab claws!
You lemonade looks awesome but you know me.....already thought some vodka might be really good in it too!!
Pray for me. Hosting Rachel's reveal party on Friday. Case's 1st birthday party on Saturday with all the kids staying at lake for whole weekend. And coming back for the 4th with no less than one million peeps coming for party. I start cooking tomorrow and I feel a lack of sleep and sore bones coming on as well!!