Sunday, July 1, 2012

Figs, figs, yummy, sweet figs!

Between one of our pecan trees and a few orange trees are two fig trees. One is a Celeste and the other is a Brown Turkey. The Celeste makes larger figs but the Brown Turkey has a higher sugar content, mixed together they make a very scrumptious batch of preserves.


Dave did a fantastic job of topping the fig trees and cleaning out the middle branches to make picking easy, my Daddy has been picking figs in our orchard for the last few weeks and he picked a nice big bowl full for me to preserve.

DSC_8165-001 The first thing I did was weigh the figs so I could determine how much sugar I needed to add to the pot when I cooked them.

DSC_8168-002 I had six pounds, so by my deductions I needed at least five cups for the figs to preserve and candy nicely.

DSC_8171-003 So after tipping them and cutting most of them in half I added them to a large pot on the stove.


Added my sugar to the pot and stirred it in, it made a yummy sugary concoction that was soon to be extra delicious.

DSC_8178-005 I added the juice of a lemon and a half.

 DSC_8181-006 DSC_8182-007 DSC_8183-008

Then I stirred it all together and let it simmer on low for about an hour and a half.


As it cooked it became extra delicious smelling in our home.


It yielded about three quarts from the six pounds of figs and I put them in storage containers and stuck them into the fridge. I gave one to Davey and kept the other two. We love adding a few heaping tablespoons to our barbecue sauce mixture to give it a bit of sweetness and it always turns out fabulous. Thanks to my Daddy for picking my figs, I’m going to have to share a bit of their goodness with him!

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