Tuesday, July 10, 2012

More fun photos from the 4th of July

My mother in law Nettie with our sweet baby Caroline. She is so in tune with what Granny is telling her!

DSC_8473-001 Kali enjoying a piece of our RW&B dessert cake! She loved it and said it was the best cake ever!

DSC_8476-002 Kali holding baby Caroline while she napped.

DSC_8486-003 After lunch, Dave, Zach and the girls tied water balloons up in a few of our crepe myrtle trees and we let the kids pop them like pinatas! So much fun! I’m sure we’ll be doing this again!

DSC_8536-007 DSC_8495-004 DSC_8507-005 DSC_8516-006 Dessert “Rockets” for the little boys, they were a big hit with everyone but the boys loved them the most!

DSC_8572-009 DSC_8571-008 Uncle Davey holding Caroline while she napped.

DSC_8574-010 And our final photo is of the princess in her crib in Lolli’s office. She had a few great naps and was in a very good mood when she woke up!


I hope everyone has an amazing week!

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jmac said...

that bebegirl is absolutely gorgeous!! and it seems like only days ago that ms kali was that age. I think caroline looks just like kali did, do ya'll??

Great foods on the 4th. all so clever!!