Sunday, June 24, 2012

An Evening with the Girls

Last night Krista left Caroline with us for the first time for a few hours to celebrate friend Cody’s birthday at a Fiesta his wife Lauren threw for him. We enjoyed having the girls over and I especially loved how sweet Kali was with baby Caroline.

Kali Marie-015 Kali arrived in the little pajamas I made for her yesterday afternoon.

kali new pjs Here she is reading while baby Caroline naps in her little cradle.

kali reading to caroline-017 It wasn’t long until they were both sleeping peacefully.

girls sleeping Good night, sleep tight… and she did just that, after falling asleep she didn’t wake up, even when Kris got here to pick her up. Looking forward to our first over night sleepover with these girls some day in the not too distant future!

sleeping caroline

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