Monday, July 2, 2012

She’s already One Month Old!

Caroline is such a sweet baby girl and so very good too, she hasn’t fussed much with colic yet and is eating so good that she’s already gained over a pound in her first month! When Kris, Zach, Ian and Kali came over with her yesterday for lunch we took a few photos of her that I couldn’t wait to share. She has changed so much in just a month, she still favors both of her siblings a little bit, but looks like her own little self now.

Caroline 1 Mo 03 Caroline 1 M0 02 Caroline 1 Mo 01 The world is such an interesting place and Caroline is enjoying exploring it all with her sweet little eyes! Happy Monday everyone!

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jmac said...

she is absolutely beautiful! I know lil ms kali must be in heaven as the big sister!!