Saturday, July 7, 2012

July 4th Celebration

Our Fourth of July was celebrated in a very traditional way, Dave, Alexa and I stayed home and barbecued, Krista, Zach, Kali, Caroline and my mother in law Nettie came over for lunch. Alexa, her friend Lauren and I made a dessert buffet together that morning. Thanks to the inspiration I found on Pinterest, it was all very easy to pull together.

DSC_8446-001 DSC_8455-006 DSC_8461-010 DSC_8463-011 DSC_8465-013 DSC_8466-014  DSC_8470-017 DSC_8471-018DSC_8468-015 DSC_8478-019 DSC_8480-020 DSC_8489-021 Everything was yummy and our fourth couldn’t have been more scrumptious!

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