Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Happening Wednesday

Last night I made a delish guacamole appetizer for the mister and me and a scrumptious crab and avacado salad. Recipe and photos of the crab salad coming soon! Here's a shot of the yummiest guac ever! I used Ree's recipe, you can find it here at the Pioneer Woman Cooks. I added quartered grape tomatoes to mine instead of pico de gallo and it was yum!
This morning before leaving for their 'daycation' (Kali's definition of daycation is when you're going to visit another city but you're not sleeping in a hotel and you're coming home the same day.) she and Kris stopped over to pick up a little camera, some treats I got them and a little souvenir $$$. They're going to New Orleans to the Children's Museum with Riley, Anna Claire, their mom Natalie and Mimi (Honey Dave's sister). She was so excited about the trip, she's got a little DVD player loaded with her dance recital from last year that she's been watching daily now for about a week. I'm sure its going to be a fabulous day, I'll have photos to share tomorrow! The layout was created with Shabby Miss Jenn's adorable new "Splish Splash Girl" kit.

Here's a layout I created with Shabby Miss Jenn's new Splish Splash Boy kit... the layout features Davey with the twins on our boating adventure this past Saturday.

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Sarah96 said...

oh i looove the daycation definition! I've been on several of those lately - gonna have to remember that term come scrappin' time. :)