Sunday, March 29, 2009

Friday March 27th - Antiquing With Dee

First up I want to show what I found to go with my Easter tablescape, I got four of these pretty bird's nests at a gift shop at Crossroads, its got cute little eggs inside and really adds a finishing touch to the table.

Today before my birthday I decided to head over to a few favorite shopping hot spots and dragged my sister Deborah along with me. She's the perfect shopping partner, she brings a sense of reasoning to the whole experience, one can often hear her say "you really need that" or "that would look great with your ____" (fill in the blank with any set of dishware that I own). Once in a while when I order her to say "Katy, you really don't need that" or "Katy, that would start a whole new collection and we know you don't want that to happen" she will do so politely and promptly. This does make for a much nicer shopping experience than if I were to go alone for these obvious reasons. Plus its fun to have someone to hold my stuff while I shop and to be able to order around like we did when she was four and I was eleven... yes the baby girl is seven years younger than moi. She is most definitely the best shopping partner in America.

My first stop was on the way to her house and it was at the Goodwill on Albertson Parkway, my sister Deb is always finding goodies there and I figured I'd swing in and check things out. Deb found EIGHT dinner plates, six coffee cups and an assortment of saucers and salad plates in my china pattern at Where Pigs Fly in Lafayette for a whopping $6.50. Today I found SIX more lovely dinner plates in my Blue Whisper china pattern at Goodwill and at .59 a piece I couldn't go wrong, they're in mint condition. Sure they're inexpensive grocery store china, but they're lovely and I've enjoyed finding new pieces to go with them.

Then I picked up Deb, we went to an estate sale on Cantabury in West Bayou Parkway subdivision. I found some pretty glasses, a few baskets, four pretty coral napkins in great condition. Here are pics of these finds.

On to the shopping. We then ventured over to Melanie LaFleur's place on Industrial Drive. She's got a huge warehouse full of consignment and antique goods, she was having a huge 60% off sale on most of items in the store and 75% off of the stuff out in tool shed out in back of the garden equipment and goods. Naturally we found a whole lot of good stuff out there! She's only open from 10 to 3 on most days and the reason for the huge sale is on accounta she's been in Roundtop and is returning on Wednesday with loads of treasures. We're definitely going to have to go over there on Thursday of next week. These are the treasures I found at Melanie LaFleur's.

Afterward we drove up I-10 to Opelousas and found some great things at Crossroads and had a yummy lunch while we were there. These were my treasures from Crossroads.

Traveling farther up I-10 we arrived at the Washington Old Antique Schoolhouse Mall. I picked up a few things there and this is where Dee and I concocted the notion that a trip to Ponchatoula would be the best thing for the four of us, me and Honey Dave and her and her sweetheart Normand should do for my birthday the next day, March 28. We gathered up our treasures and headed back to Lafayette at this time with plans for Saturday. These pics are of my Washington treasures.

Amazingly Deb and I returned home safely without any breakage. Do check out her blog for pics of her treasures. I'm sure she'll have a post up soon about our adventures. You can find her here "Under the Cajun Sun"


Lynda said...

I always enjoy your posts about your great finds! Originally from that area, it gives me new places (and old!) to check out when I'm home visiting my family!

Deborah said...

Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful. Try birds nests on the salad plate and see how that works. Wink