Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My Favorite Boys

Last week when I was over at Alex and Eli's house, I took photos of them that I just have to share. Eli and Alex are both loving sitting up in the bumbo, they also adore practicing sitting up on their own holding our hands. They're both grasping their toys and holding them and chewing on them a lot lately. When we hold a toy up in front of Eli, he grabs it with his right hand, when we hold one up in front of Alex, he will almost always take it from us with his left hand. Maybe we do have mirror twins on our hands. (Pop is left handed, he thinks its cool that one of them could be like him that way as well) Our sweet boys also love their soft and cozy blue blankets. Mom and Dad wrap them up in them at night and it helps them to relax, wind down and get to sleep easier. Alex is pictured with his, he is a bit more attached to it and loves how soft it is. We have a couple of absolutely sweet and adorable guys!!


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haha Eli looks funny.
i love those boys!!!