Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Here are all our handsome guys... Dave holding Eli and Davey holding Alex. We had a wonderful Father's Day. After going to mass together with Alexa and Erica, the boys and their parents Davey and Claire we met up with Kali and Krista, her boyfriend Zach and Zach's son Ian for a wonderful and delicious mexican lunch at La Hacienda in Broussard. After a short break at home, Dave and I took a little trip to the 'man store' with Davey, Claire, Alex, Eli and Erica ... it was over to Academy Sporting Goods for some prep shopping for an upcoming fishing trip for the men. After arriving back at home in the evening, Dave, Erica and I fed the animals and took a much needed walk around the back pasture. I wanted to check out the new shade shed for the cows and to check out a fallen tree limb along the fence line. We surveyed the location for the new project the guys have going on. After digging out the acre pond on our property, the guys are going to put up a dock for fishing on the north end of the pond. I'll take photos of the activity out there soon and put it up on my blog. Its going to be a great place for relaxing after work and on weekends. Happy Father's Day to the Daves!
The little outfits the boys are wearing come from their mom's friend at work. Marc got them for the boys in Japan on a recent visit and the boys are just too cute in them! Thanks Mr. Marc from Alex and Eli!

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