Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Monday Monday

I switched days with the boy's nanny from Tuesday to Monday and had a fun day with the guys. They're learning how to hold their own bottles and are doing remarkably well with it. Play time is a lot more fun since they're almost sitting on their own too, they're happier in the walker and bouning chair than anything lately, they do both love the mobility of the walker and we're going to have to get another one for them soon. Since Davey and Claire's home doesn't have multi level floors, they're very safe in them, especially since we keep a watchful eye on them at all times. Naptime on their bellies is also a good thing, they're older now and wake easily when sleeping on their backs during the day, when they're on their tummies, they don't seem to mind daytime noises as much and sleep longer and more soundly. The day went by too quickly though and before I knew it my time with them was up for the day and their Daddy came home a little early for me to plan my photographic society meeting for that night.

This next group of photos is all about my new lil dishes for summer. I went with an aqua theme and found adorable dishes and napkins at Target and Pier 1. Alexa is going to make custom beaded napkin rings to bring out the brown and aqua in the dishes (the green ones are from a previous set, given to me by my sister, and where we got the idea to do our own custom rings). I adore the pretty lantern style candle holders and am going to get a little centerpiece made this week to go with the new theme.


Anonymous said...

Thanks again for switching days!

Anonymous said...

the boys are too cute.
and i LOVE our new table settings!


Anonymous said...

they are so cute. I got to feed on the other day. (although i have know idea which one it was) they are such good babies!!!