Thursday, May 8, 2008

Overnight Guests

Our house was quiet tonight despite the fact that two babies were spending the night. Pop and Erica went to Lafayette to Academy for boots for Pop and then to the book store afterward. After Alex and Eli arrived, Eli slept and Alex played in his swing for about an hour, then they decided to switch places, Alex went right to sleep after being changed for bed and Eli took his turn playing for a good hour and fifteen minutes. They were very quiet and content when they were awake and slept soundly after their last bottles. Eli ate his about 9:45 PM and I had to wake Alex at 10 PM to give him his last bottle.


Anonymous said...

I really hope that the boys were not the reason you were posting these pictures at 3:30AM. I was going to stop by this morning before work, but last time I did Lolli, Alex and Eli were all still sleeping. I did not want to wake the overnight guests at Lolli's house. This afternoon will not come fast enough, it will be a long day!
Thanks Lolli

Deborah said...

Oh how cute they are.. I heard something about a Luau for Miss Kali please send me details. We wouldn't want to miss it.