Wednesday, May 7, 2008

First Trip to the Zoo

... for Alex and Eli! They loved being outdoors and they were so curious about all the sights and sounds! There were bus loads of children there for class trips and watching all those smiling faces from their stroller was fun for them. They're too little to really see the animals in their cages but the one that caught their eyes was Gabe the Giraffe. He's very large and has interesting designs that babies just love to look at and this is where we spent our time while Mimi, Kali and Riley rode the zoo train and watched the alligator show. Those activities took place in the sun and the giraffe cage was in the shade and was the perfect place for the little guys. Kali and the girl peacock were dressed to match as you can see in the lower left photo. Don't they both look lovely in cream and brown? Riley and Kali had a wonderful day with the boys. After visiting the zoo for almost three hours we had lunch at Chili's, Krista met us after she was finished with school. Click on the image to see a larger version.

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Anonymous said...

I am sad that I missed the boys first visit to the zoo, but I know they were very happy to have spent the day with of course, Lolli and Kali, but also Mimi and Riley. The boys will have so much fun with Lolli on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Thursdays is storytime at the Library. I am so glad that Lolli chooses to spend two days a week with my boys and Kali. We can't thank her enough. We love you Lolli!