Thursday, March 27, 2008

Naptime Layout

Layout Journaling: 03-18-08

naptime for the boys is always relaxing in their comfy beds. after their lunch and a good twenty minutes in their papasans or car seats (to avoid the nasty reflux) the boys have their tummy time nap while i read in the rocking chair in their bedroom. they sleep so soundly after their naptime bottles. its such a treat to spend this time with the boys while mom and dad are off at work. how very lucky i am and how blessed we are to have these two little angels on earth. after their naps they are always in such a cheerful mood and just this past week they began cooing and talking to all of us. its such a treat to hear their tiny voices as they discover making sounds on their very own. ~Lolli

Everything on the layout is from Shabby Miss Jenn and can be found "HERE"

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Deborah said...

Hey this pic has been up for 3 days. Scrap darn it scrap!!!