Sunday, March 16, 2008

Happy Little Campers

Alex and Elijah

Kali and River Sunday Afternoon

Kali, Krista and Zach
Krista's birthday supper at Texas Roadhouse.

Claire celebrates her 26th Birthday this week!

Kali, Eli, and Alex spent the night at our house on Saturday night. They were all such sweeties. Here are a few photos of the boys and one of Kali with our sweet weimeraner River. I'll have more photos to post tomorrow after spending my first day with the boys at their house, Claire goes back to work and I'm the lucky one who gets to spend the day with the little guys for the next six weeks or so, then I'll have them on Tuesday and Thursdays probably til the little guys start preschool! Woohooo!!
I won't be uploading images during the day, since there's no internet connection at their place. Maybe someone should look into that ;-) so we can have daily updates while mom's working and I'm sure Honey would just love that too!

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