Thursday, March 6, 2008

March 6, 2008

We spent the morning riding in the boat hunting for a cool place to snorkel and explore. We rode up to Twin Cay but the water was too rough out in the open water. We boated north toward Overyonder Cay and then spent the day shelling and snorkeling on the North Beach of Sampson Cay. After spending several hours there we took the Serenity Boston Whaler up to the Marina at Sampson Cay and got fuel for the boat and bought water and refreshments. After that we travelled north through the pass down through several little islands South to Staniel Cay.

After we arrived back at Staniel Cay around 3PM and Dave tied the boat up in front of Thunderball Grotto and put his snorkel gear on and hopped into the water. He went exploring around the cave and the water around Thunderball. He saw lots of little fish and said the inside of the grotto is amazing and beautiful. While waiting in the boat I fed bread and pringles to the little fish. There were several different colorful fish which came up to feed.


Deborah said...

So would Dave be wearing a speedo in that there picture.

Pics are gorgeous. You are a lucky girl.


Anonymous said...

HAHA IS THAT DAVE IN A SPEEDO!!! Love the pics the water is so blue. Next time pack me in your suitcase :-)