Thursday, March 13, 2008

All about Kali

These two layouts feature my favorite three year old! Kali's such a joy and a sweetheart, she loves life and is exuberant about sharing fun times with family and friends. Last month she and Pop had a special date one night at a local hibachi grill... Lolli, Eri and Lexi went along with them but it was 'her date' with Pop that was too cute. She visited Subaki with her Mom a few months ago and kept telling him about this place where the cook entertained while preparing the meal (as though Pop would never have gone there before ;) and one night we surprised her by taking her there for an evening meal. She was so excited and we all had a wonderful time. The second layout features Kali in the parish library, one of her favorite outings. She really loves the fairy wings, and now is asking for a pair to wear next time she goes there!

Both of these were created using a collaboration kit by Shabby Miss Jenn and Dani Mogstad called Vintage Garden Fairies.

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