Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Had to reschedule yesterday's visit to today. Not a problem. Feeling blessed, accomplished and happy!


jmac said...

you have got me scratchin this ol' head........I never ever remember you drinking any coffee!! What is going on with all the coffee talk???
glad to see you posting tho!!!

Katy said...

JMac, I never drank the stuff until about three years ago. NOW I'm in love. :) I made a commitment to start posting on my blog again, so I'm easing back in with something consistent and creating these quotes and posting them. The hard part is doing it daily M-F when I am off to NOLA most Thursdays. LOL, anyway, I'm enjoying it, and I'm gonna break out into full blogging again soon! Miss you my friend, come with me and spend some time in the fall in the city and lets go have a shoot together!