Friday, July 10, 2015

Good friends...

I spent a few hours this morning visiting with a dear and sweet friend, we first met when we worked in Broussard for LOR in our early twenties. She and I really bonded, had so much in common and came from very similar backgrounds, graduated from high school the same year and had young growing families. Then the oilfield crash of the early 1980s hit and our company cut back and we found ourselves looking for new jobs.

Over the years there have been long spans of time when she lived away or was in school, and for a lack of a better reason, we were both just too busy to get together, as it often is when raising children, working and trying to do it all. I treasure her dearly and we're lifetime friends, this I know. I love her like a sister and we pick up where ever in life we happen to be, we get caught up on the happenings in our lives, reminisce about old times and share the struggles we face at this stage of our lives as our family dynamics change, and grow and we have to learn a few new skills to mange them all. She is great at seeing situations, accessing them and offering good advice. It always feels as though its only been days, not months since we have shared time together, but its always a good time and I treasure her sweet heart.

I have lived a blessed life, but my greatest pleasure and treasure are the special people who allow me to love them and love me in return.

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