Friday, July 10, 2015

First we Plan

I have heard that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. I don't know about anyone else, but for me that's really true. Time has a way of slipping away when we're engrossed in activities that we love that make us less than our most productive selves. That being said, I have been purchasing Erin Condren planners for a few years. I fell in love with the beauty of them, the ability to personalize my covers with photos of my sweet heart of a husband and myself and began a journey of organizing my life in a more productive way. We don't have to have a formal 'job' out of the home to utilize a planner to be effective at directing our lives, so I started out with an online purchase and a new hobby began. So as creative people are guided by their passions, I decided to merge a few of my hobbies. Planning, scrapbooking, to be more specific digital scrapbooking and making stickers for my planner. These stickers represent beautiful and appealing images and function for reminding me of the 'plans' I have to be successful at everything that I commit to in life. 

So, I used a sweet new kit "World Traveler" by Shabby Miss Jenn Designs to create my first ever Planner Kit. The colors were divine and the items she created really went well with my 'planner' style and lifestyle. Below is an image I created and cut with my daughter's Silhouette Cameo, I can see myself buying one of these for my home office very soon! 

I have found the process of planning very relaxing. I have a little motto, YOU make your life as beautiful as you want it to be. I choose to make mine lovely and yes beautiful. I'm fortunate to have a sweet husband who lets me plan our weekends in New Orleans, where I adore trying new restaurants, visiting museums, antique shopping and going to festivals, concerts and sporting events. Often times we just hang out, visit and have drinks with cousins who have a home there and friends we have met and made through them. I try to fit in a few new experiences and a lot of relaxation when we're there to make the most of our time in the city without wearing us out. This is the theme of the plan on this particular week. If you have questions about planning, stickers or the Erin Condren planner and how I use it, please comment below and I'll answer your questions.

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