Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Late Morning Tea

Yesterday while I was blogging, scrapbooking and fiddling around online I got a little hungry and it being just ten thirty in the morning it was just a little early for lunch. I decided to make myself a little cup of tea and a snack.


I gathered up the necessary goodness from my pantry and refrigerator. Decided to make my favorite Stash wild raspberry herbal tea, I’d already had my caffeine for the day in my morning coffee so this was perfect. Being one who is subject to lots of sleeping issues I figured I didn’t need any more caffeine for the day. I used my trusty Keurig coffee maker without a K cup in it to heat the water to the perfect temperature and that worked fabulously and quickly. I added a little bit of lemon and French Vanilla creamer to it, I don’t really know what the ‘proper’ cream may be for tea drinking, but I’m all about making tea to suit my own taste and this worked perfectly. I sweetened it a little bit with half a package of “Swerve” sweetener that I was introduced to while at a Food Festival at the French Market in the French Quarter in New Orleans last year. I like that it has no after taste at all.


The pretty color of the tea once I added the cream to it was a lovely light mauve and was visually appealing to me as it coordinated with my lovely little cup and saucer. I added crackers, cheese and fresh raspberries to my yummy snack plate and headed to my office to do a little reading and blogging.


The cheese is Dubliner and the crackers are Breton’s sesame seed crackers. Just a few of these make for a really delicious and filling snack. The raspberries were plump and very pretty at Sam’s Club this week when I did my shopping and you could just taste the freshness right now because they are in season.


The pattern of these dishes is 1950s Norway Rose by Cunningham & Pickett, Inc. of Alliance, Ohio. C&P Inc. were distributors of the pattern and most of them were manufactured by Homer Laughlin China Company. I adore the pattern and the color of these dishes so very much and always have my eye open for new pieces while antiquing and vintage shopping.


It was a very delicious and satisfying snack, I love using pretty dishware when I’m home alone during the day (and for that matter at any time) it feels a little bit fancy and la-tee-dah. The girlie girl in me adores that feeling and the feminine flair it adds to my day. Indulging in a visual treat is always a pleasure for me and and the combination of these dishes, flavors and snacks make me happy!


Have a very lovely day and remember that you CAN make your day as pretty as you want it to be! Don’t ‘save’ those pretty dishes for a some day. Use your beautiful things regularly and often and enjoy them!

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