Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Fresh Figs

David has been watering our fig trees this week and we picked our first ones this past weekend. This evening when my BFF Missie and I came back from a little shopping trip in town we picked a few before it started raining really heavy. She picked about a gallon to take home and snack on and I picked a 13 cup container that I brought into the house and tipped. I am going to go out and pick enough to cook a nice batch of preserves tomorrow and hopefully my Daddy will come over and pick the rest.


Ms Janey, don’t you think you should take a drive down south to pick some fresh figs for your own self!? Come on down! Winking smile

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jmac said...

Hahaha!! How funny that you said that because when I saw title of your post, I smiled remembering once when I was there...you gave me some. I'd never had them before!
DIL has a tree in her back yard so I will patiently await your post of how you make preserves to show her.
Sadly, I would love nothing more than to take a trip down but after my visit to the "back" dr today, I won't be doing much of anything for a few weeks. Long story. Will tell you when we talk next.
C said to tell you he picked, cooked and canned mayhaw jelly a few weeks ago. He'll save you some!