Sunday, January 9, 2011

Supper Time Dessert

Tonight we’re going to be cooking up some beignets at our house for dessert. I can’t wait for all the little ones to come over so we can work on it together. I bought this adorable little cookie cutter that make the perfect sized beignets. Kali, Alex and Eli will have fun cutting them out of the dough and then we’ll fry them up to a nice golden color and toss them in powdered sugar. Erica made yummy chocolate and French vanilla pudding to dip them in and its going to be a delightful treat. Erica and I made one batch this afternoon for practice and we can’t wait to get started.

Beignets Web

Totally easy and totally yummy!

Here’s a fabulous shot by JUSTIN WATT of the fabulous Cafe du Monde. I checked my files and I didn’t have a shot that I liked of the famous NOLA restaurant!



Its super simple to make, I suggest you get some and give it a try sometime soon!

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