Monday, January 3, 2011

Kali’s first Flight with Pop as Captain

She was as excited as I’d ever heard her when her Mama said she could come flying with me and Pop.  We picked her up and goodness she looked adorable. Sassy jeans, black boots a chic black sweater from Gap Kid, the little black Coach purse Lolli got her in New York last Christmas and a feathered headband. To top it all off she was wearing a pink coat featuring a leopard print collar and cuffs. She was just too cute and so ready for her turn to ride in Pop’s plane. Here she is waiting to board while Pop starts his pre flight check.

 DSC09366-001 DSC09367-002

Here she is loaded up and ready to get going.DSC09369-004

Here’s Dave finishing up with his pre flight check of the plane.

DSC09375-009  She’s all ready to play stewardess and offers me and Pop some fruit gummies on the runway. DSC09382-014 DSC09384-016

She’s such a trooper and flies very well. Little did we know yesterday that she had an inner ear infection (mama brought her to the Dr. today) but it didn’t stop her from enjoying every minute of her time in the air. Once we were on our way out to Cypremore Point she even took some time to play her new Nintendo DS sewing game.

DSC09400-030 DSC09393-024

These are a few photos of “The Point” as its known to the people who live in our part of Cajun Country. These camps that line the man made canals around the point provide lots of year round entertainment for their owners and guests. Lastly we flew over Avery Island where Kali’s Godfather, our son Davey was working with some friends on the Houseboat. She got to see where its being built and where it will be moved once construction is finished.

DSC09402-032 Stay tuned for more adventures our family will take as we journey into this new phase of life in Pop’s plane. Kali thoroughly enjoyed her trip and looks forward to her next ride with Lolli and Pop.

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