Sunday, June 20, 2010

Three Fabulous Dads!

I’m so fortunate to have three of the most wonderful men in the world in my life. My own father, Donald, my husband, David and my son Davey are all absolutely fabulous fathers. They’re loving, giving, tender hearted, hard working, generous and really great people. I’m proud of each of them for their ability to love their children with their whole hearts and to be a shining example of what great fatherhood is all about.

DSC03206-023 My Daddy and Mama on their 50th anniversary.

My wonderful husband David and me earlier this year while antiquing.

Claire Alex Eli Davey Our son David with his lovely wife Claire and their beautiful sons, Alex and Elijah.

Happy Father’s Day these fabulous Dads and to all the wonderful father’s out there!

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