Tuesday, June 22, 2010

More Engagement Party Photos

Here are a few more photos from the engagement party, it was so nice of all of Krista and Zach’s friends to be at the party. It truly made it special for them! Thanks to everyone who came!


Brie, Krista and Lauren … BFFs since Kindergarten/1st Grade!


Krista’s dance friends Lauren and Ali, these girls spent a whole lot of time growing up and enjoying dance activities, class and conventions together.


Krista’s cousins Natalie and Jennifer, so very special to Krista!


Alexa and Erica share this special night with their older sister, totally beautiful girls all three!


A photo with Dave and me, Kris and Dave always have a giggle fest when its time to take photos, they can be so silly! Welcome to the family Zach!

DSCF5771-005 Jennifer and Chris


Lauren and Cody

DSCF5782-008 Jude and Brandi

DSCF5783-009 The newly engaged Jered and Brienne

DSCF5787-011Thea and Kip


Alecia and Alexa

DSCF5790-014 Claire and Davey

DSCF5791-015 Brooke and Chad


Val and Seth

(Who wouldn’t get on the wharf to take a photo!)


Thanks to my lovely sister Deb and her husband Norm for helping us SO much on this occasion, we love you and appreciate everything you do for us!

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